A wonderful Foodie Festival at Tatton Park and super brunch with new friends!

What an amazing weekend I had. I was at the Tatton Park Foodie Festival on Saturday 16th July demonstrating a new recipe- Lamb and Feta Meatballs on a Mediterranean vegetable stew.

I am really proud of it; I love the summery flavours…

(To see the recipe just go to: http://www.janecdevonshire.com/#!lamb-meatballs-with-feta/bhgly).

The Foodie Festivals are such a joy, I get to meet people and chat about food all day.

At Tatton Park I met the delightful Ed Baines from Randall & Aubin, a new top of the list restaurant for me to visit in London. I understand he’s opening in Manchester soon. He even let me try one of his delicious oysters… Can I just say I have never really been a fan but am fast learning to appreciate them. In addition, the adorable Lotte Duncan was hosting which was real fun. She's so lovely.

As usual we rolled out of the festival having eaten far too much but not so much that we couldn't manage breakfast / brunch the next day in Manchester where I had a great time seeing old and making new friends in the wonderful world of MasterChef.

I can’t go without saying how very welcoming Macclesfield is... We were staying with my daughter and Ben my youngest who has Coeliac disease and managed to get Gluten Free Fish and Chips, a first for him ever. They always taste so good; you never manage to get quite the same flavours at home.

In addition, after Tatton Park we ended up in Leek where my daughter Rebecca's partners family live. What a great place, although I definitely needed my big brunch in the morning. They certainly know how to celebrate.

However, its always lovely to come home. This week has been full of prepping a suet pudding recipe, not the most summery but brought back so many lovely memories of my Nan, cooking is so wonderfully evocative in such a beautiful way.

Then having to get up early to walk the dogs before the heat sets in. The woods are very beautiful, shame I am not quick enough with the camera to catch the deer.

I am now facing a lovely summer with no school or college runs and maybe the whole family at home for Sunday lunch this weekend. So a great start to the holiday.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine


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