Oh joy! Local wasabi, watercress and Tunworth Cheese!

One of the great joys of the whole post MasterChef experience has been the opportunity to immerse myself in the whole foodie world. Last week I had the real pleasure of being part of the Hampshire Food Fare Press Day.

A morning spent at the watercress Beds in Alresford was really fascinating... Its genuinely a super food and one ingredient I absolutely love.

I then discovered something amazing... That in Hampshire we have the only farm in Europe that grows Wasabi! The joy of fresh Wasabi and local trout is a definitely a flavour combination I shall be eating in future.

Finally we went along to visit the award winning Tunworth Cheese. Their delicious cheese is handmade very local to where I live and really is a joy to eat. So, a really interesting time was had once we got over the hilarity of the wonderful outfits.

Here are a few pics for you... Maybe not my best angle.

Hope you are all well...



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