What a week it was last week!

What a week it was last week... A simple IT request turned into 4 plus stressful days without Internet and 2 days without a phone and it is now due to be resolved on Monday! It is extremely scary how quickly I have become dependant upon technology. Days set aside for recipe prep’ turned into days spent sitting on the phone negotiating - the nightmare of non customer service. Finally after totally admitting responsibility the company responsible have sent a text that we can't reply to, saying maybe they’ll sort it on Monday. Unfortunately we have only two supplier choices where we live so I am caught between both appalling services.

On a much better note I had the absolute honour of being invited to ‘The Hampshire Food Fair’ press launch this week. I am so in awe of so many of our farmers and artisan food producers all over the country but naturally my adopted home is always going to extra special. Some of the produce and drinks were simply amazing and I hope to be featuring them in recipes very soon.

To top it all I started writing this at an unearthly hour at Belfast Airport, after spending a great evening tasting and talking about cheese. Not just any cheese but an artisan product produced by the amazing team at Fivemiletown Cheese. It's a really wonderful product and the team that produce it are really dedicated. I had a lovely time and hope to visit Northern Ireland again very soon.

Despite all the technology grief life is good. I am feeling a very luck lady - even if I did have to face M25 rush hour that morning and still have no internet.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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