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Salmon and Shrimp Pate

Serves 6

500 gm boneless salmon fillet skin on

200gm butter

2 Banana Shallots Chopped

50gm Panko Breadcrumbs

180gm soft cream cheese

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

½ 25 gm pack chives finely chopped

½ 25gm pack of flat leaf parsley chopped

Juice and Zest of 1 lemon 

1 tsp. Salt 

pepper to taste

2x 90gm pack of brown shrimp

3  tablespoon drained capers


  1. Cook the salmon fillet in the oven gas mark 6 / 180C (356F) skin side down until cooked through, but still a nice dark pink in the middle and moist. approx. 5 – 8 minutes.                                                             

  2. Leave to one side to cool completely.                                                    

  3. Once cooled remove skin and discard. Flake the fish, checking for any bones, into a dish.                                                                             

  4. Gently fry off the shallots in 100gm of the butter until softened but not coloured. Allow to cool.                                                                      

  5. Line a loaf tin with clingfilm leaving enough around the sides so that when folded over it covers the top.                                                               

  6. Add the shallots plus the butter they were cooked in, into a food processor with the chopping blade attached.                                          

  7. Now also add the panko breadcrumbs, soft cream cheese, chives, parsley, smoked paprika and  zest and juice of 1 lemon and the flaked salmon and whizz. When it comes to consistency I like it with some texture as I think the salmon can become grainy if over processed.                                        

  8.  Taste and add salt and pepper and more lemon if required.                                                

  9. Gently fold in the capers and shrimps into the mixture.                                                        

  10. Put the mixture into the loaf tin.                                                                   

  11. Gently melt the remaining 100gm of butter and pour over the top of the mixture.                                                                                         

  12. Put the cling film over the top and refrigerate until cold.

Jane says... I like to serve this pate simply dressed with some nice dark green watercress leaves and some lemon wedges. I use an olive ciabatta and slice it lengthways to create lovely long toasts. I then gently toast them off in the oven or in a griddle pan with sides of cocktail gherkins, olives and caper berries.

If you want to use the left over trout or salmon from my 'Whole Baked Trout or Salmon' recipe that'll work too...

You can use gluten free breadcrumbs to make this pate as well.

I make this pate in advance. It’s a great thing to have for last minute entertaining or as a lovely starter; it can be a big main centrepiece where everyone can dip in or served in individual portions.

Photo: © Peter Cassidy

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