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Stuffed chicken breast with soft cheese, herbs and Parma Ham
Main Course

Jane says... I demo'ed this dish at Woking Food Festival and promised to publish is as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy it.

You will need tin foil

A baking tray

Preheated oven Gas Mark 6, 180



3 cloves garlic

6 spring onions

Small chilli – Birds Eye

50gm butter

6 slices Parma Ham

20gm flat leaf parsley

20gm Basil + extra for cooking tomatoes

Juice from 1 lemon

180gm Philadelphia Cream Cheese or similar

Salt, black pepper

4 chicken breasts

2 - 3 potatoes (depending on size) – King Edward

Butter and olive oil for saute

1 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary

Salt and black pepper

Cherry tomatoes on vine

Olive oil


To serve flatbreads or tortilla wraps. I use gluten free at home



  1. Finely chop garlic, spring onion, chilli and Parma Ham and saute gently in butter. Allow to cool                                       

  2. Finely chop flat leaf parsley and basil                                     

  3. Combine herbs with cream cheese lemon juice, salt and pepper plus cooled parma ham mixture to make your stuffing                                                                            

  4. Tear off a piece of foil at least 30cm longer than your chicken breast and smother the middle with butter                                

  5. Put chicken breast onto the buttered foil and butterfly it                                                                

  6. Put a tablespoon of the stuffing mixture into chicken, roll the breast tightly wrapping the stuffing in and then roll tightly in the in foil, twisting the edges of the foil so you have what looks like a Christmas cracker                                                            

  7. Repeat this for all the chicken breasts and then place onto the tray with some tomatoes on the vine and cook for 15 - 18 minutes. You can press the cover of the tin foil when it is very soft and raw and then when it is cooked it will be firm. If in doubt use a meat thermometer.  I cover the tomatoes in some basil a crushed garlic clove and a little olive oil before cooking                                   

  8. Chop potatoes bring to boil and simmer then saute in butter and olive oil until crispy. Remove cover in very finely chopped rosemary and salt and pepper                                             

  9. Once chicken is cooked remove from tin foil reserving the juice; add any remaining stuffing mixture and the cooking juices to a pan and lightly warm through. You can add a little chicken stock or water if you want it runnier                                                           

  10. You can brown the chicken off in a pan to give some colour and added flavour if you want at this stage. Slice the ends off the rolled chicken breasts so they can stand up and then cut the chicken breasts in half on a diagonal                                                               

  11. Serve with the saute potatoes, roast tomatoes and extra sauce.

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